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Building Blocks Creative Design - FAQ

Q. How do I order a Design Package?

A. On our Services page, or under any of the packages, click on the Add to Cart button, and either continue shopping or follow through with payment. Then complete the Creative Brief for the package/s you purchased. Have a read through our How it Works page to get a better understanding of our design process.

Q. When do you start working on my project?

A. As soon as we receive your payment and Creative Brief.

Q. When can I see my initial designs?

A. After we receive payment and the Creative Brief, it will take up to the amount of days specified in your package before you will see your first concepts.

Q. How will you present the intial concepts?

A. The initial concepts will be sent as a .jpg file and emailed to you.

Q. If I don’t like the intial designs how many changes can I suggest?

A. Rounds of changes can be applied to your chosen design, or various concepts of your choice (if your package includes more than 1 concept) according to the amount of revisions specified in your package. There are no limitations on the amount of changes that can be made to the concepts each “round”. Each round of revisions can be used to ask for any kind of modifications. All we need is for you to choose your favourite concepts and then provide feedback with your modification requests.

Q. What if I have my own ideas for my designs?

A. We welcome any ideas you have for your logo. Include all the details of your ideas, including any sketches or images, in the creative brief and we will meet your requirements as long as they are possible.

Q. What form of correspondence do you use?

We use email as our main form of correspondence, there are a few main reasons for this.

- Our designers stay focused on the task at hand, with fewer distractions they can produce better quality artwork for you.

- Emails can be read again and referenced to, phone calls cannot.

Therefore all creative briefs, revisions, and work requests are to be emailed to us.

Q. Do your logo packages include illustrations?

A. Our packages include illustrative logo designs. These designs can range from very simple to complex.

Q. Do you claim the rights of the logo designs?

A. All rights of the logo purchased belong to the client. Although we do use logos designed by us in our promotional materials

Q. What does “Exclusive rights and full ownership of logo” mean?

A. Exclusive rights and full ownership of logo means we give you the rights to use your logo however you wish, and send you the source file. Trademarking is the responsibility of the client.

Q. Can you improve on my existing company logo design

A. Yes, if you provide an Adobe Illustrator file we can work from that and improve it.

Q. If I am not satisfied with what you present to me during the initial stage can I demand a refund?

A. This will not be possible as work has already been done for you, but at the end of the design process, you can be given extra revisions to modify the concepts.

Q. Do you provide services to clients from all over the world?

A. Yes.

Q. If I am in a different country how can I pay?

A. All payments go through PayPal.

Q. How do I receive my final files?

A. Final files will be sent via email or

Q. Why should I give you my personal details?

A. Your details are important for us to be able to provide you with our services and to maintain contact with you while designing your project. We do not give your details to any third parties.

Q. What are variations?

A. Variations are the edited versions of your design of your chosen concept in a revision, provided during the design process. The final logo includes one concept finalised in various file formats and sizes (all packages include one logo finalised). Extra variations of a finalised concept cost $89 each (eg. the same logo in another colour or positioning).


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